for your newborn session


I have a gorgeous wardrobe full of hand knitted and boutique goodies to dress your little one in. Babies hate being undressed so please dress them in something light and easy to remove on arrival so that we can disturb them as little as possible.  If it's cold, layer them in lots of blankets to keep warm.  The other benefit of this is that if they're really settled when you arrive, we can photograph them in what they're wearing!


Babies and toddlers lead the session.  The best way to get older siblings to cooperate is to be present, be patient, and work quickly. Games, songs and cuddles are the order of the day. Don't be afraid to take the initiative and do things you know they love. Focus on getting them to have fun and enjoy the experience. Be flexible in your expectations of what the sibling shot is going to look like.

My studio is in my home, and we have plenty of toys for your toddler to play with once their photos are done.  You might also want to bring (non-messy) snacks and an iPad or their favourite books to entertain them once their photos are finished.

Once we have what we need from your toddler, I might suggest that Dad takes them outside - for a coffee or to the park. Toddlers will not focus for 2 hours and we will have more success with the newborn portraits if things are calm and quiet.


Try to keep baby up for an hour before the start of your session, and start a feed around 30 minutes before I get to you. Even if they aren't ready for a full feed, it's best to give them a nice big top up.

In an ideal world, baby will be fed and ready to fall into a nice, deep sleep when you arrive. But babies are unpredictable - so just do what you can!