At Sandra Tawil Photography we believe we have the best value for money photo packages. Our photographers are professional and friendly with many years experience in all levels of photography.


Preschool Photo packages are personalised, as we incorporate your childcare centre’s logo and as part of the design.

We have a range of photo packages available for parents to choose from at affordable prices.


A rundown of what usually happens on photo days is as follows,


Our staff will arrive early to set up and start taking individual portraits as the children arrive. 

Portrait photos can either be taken indoors or outdoors mainly depending on the weather.

It is preferable to take photos of the children once they have settled in after they have been dropped off at school.

Order envelopes are collected as the childs photograph is being taken.

Multiple photos will be taken of each child to ensure we get the best shot.

Once all the portrait photos are taken and all children are present, we will begin taking the class photos.

Staff photos and portraits will be taken once childrens portraits and group photos are taken.

Staff portraits and a Staff group photo are complimentary.


After each photo session, class photos will be emailed to the centre for a staff member to reply to us with the children's names as they are sitting left to right and row by row. This is the best way for us to ensure we do not make any errors with the spelling of the children's names, before we transfer them onto our photo templates.


All printed packages will be returned to the centre within two weeks of Photo Day, along with the centre's commission, so long as the class names list is emailed back to us within a few days of receiving it. The commission equates to 10% of the takings from all photo orders, so long as a minimum of 15 packages are purchased on any one Photo Day.


At the time of delivering the completed packages to the centre, All Packages will include a reorder form for parents who wish to order extra photos of their child/children. If parents wish to purchase more photos they will need to do so within 2 weeks of recieving their photo package We will then process the reorders and collect payments on delivery. If parents are unhappy with their photos, we are more than happy to reshoot their childs photo.


The following information regards the standard package options we have to offer preschools.







Our Graduation package is designed as a memory of each child transitioning from Preschool to "Big School". It is a memento of the child's early childhood days coming to an end as they take on the next exciting step in their education. The package is personalised with the centre’s logo and contact details as part of the design, and contains a 'Certificate of Graduation' from their centre. The photos come presented in a clear display folder and can be kept as a complete booklet or they can be removed and cut up.


All photo packages are prepaid. Parents are to fill in an order envelope with payment for the package as well as any Optional Extras they may require, before the Photo Day. All printed packages will be returned to the centre within two weeks of Photo Day, at which time families are welcome to order more photos if they would like to. A total of 10% in fundraising money will be given to the centre with the completed photo packages. However, fundraising money for any particular day that has been booked in will be forfeited if less than fifteen packages are purchased on that day.


The following information regards the Graduation Photo package option which we have to offer children who are going on to Primary School next year. We also have an itemized listing of Additional Extras available in addition to the purchase of a package.